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Greenies Crew

Darin Warnick - Owner


Darin brings over 20 years of bike industry experience to the shop.  A certified bike whisperer and slightly aging technician. When not on the bike, he likes to snowboard, hike, camp, moto and thrash the kids on the tube behind the boat!

Jenn Warnick at Two Sisters


Jenn covers the behind the scenes work at the shop. She keeps the lights on, and the inventory flowing.  Her summer favorites are paddleboarding, boating, hiking badger and yoga!


Spencer can shred moto, the hot lap, or grind gravel.  He's always down to ride and a great motivator.  An excellent technician and good friend!

Jesus Maldanado - Bike Tech


Jesus loves finding new places to ride his trail bike.  And working on his trail bike. He is one of our technicians, and you can find him up in the mountains year round!  All around great guy!


Braden attends Hanford High and is the best jumper in the shop! Like the rest of us, he likes camping, hiking and all things outdoors!

Havanese poodle


Havanese Poodle, cute pup right?