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About us


Tri-Cities destination for active and healthy lifestyle.  From bikes and SUPs to kayaks and nutrition.  Weekly group rides* for all abilities, bicycle repair classes and support for various community events.  Full service bicycle repair shop with certified technicians available daily.  

We believe the bicycle is a simple solution to complex problems. Health and wellness, climate, mobility, traffic, pollution, congestion, you name it. There are few problems that a bike ride can't remedy! (or at least help!) 

We only sell products we love, provide incredible hospitality to our customers, and think the world's problems can be solved by getting more people on bikes.

*Under normal circumstances, we have group rides 3 times a week, and a couple service clinics a year, and indoor spin and yoga...and....and...stay tuned for updates and watch the social channels for when those awesome things will start back up! =)